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Velpar® AlfaMaxTM - Velpar ® AlfaMaxTM Gold

Velpar® is an important tool for managing herbicide resistant weeds. It is a Group 5 herbicide that contains the active ingredient hexazinone, providing a different mode of action than many other popular products.

Velpar® AlfaMaxTM and Velpar® AlfaMaxTM Gold herbicides are mixtures of hexazinone (Group 5) and diuron (Group 7) in two different ratios. Labeled for use on alfalfa, these products provide a two-pronged approach to managing tough-to-control weeds.

Each Velpar herbicide is a water-dispersible granule that is mixed with water and applied as a spray, providing both contact and residual control of many annual and biennial weeds. Velpar controls approximately 60 broadleaf weeds including several that are tolerant to glyphosate and other overused herbicides in specialty crops such as alfalfa, blueberries, and sugarcane.

When applied as recommended,Velpar herbicide delivers effective residual control with a high degree of crop safety.

Advance® herbicide for sugarcane and other crops

Not registered in the United States, Advance herbicide is used worldwide to control noxious weeds. This hexazinone-based product is manufactured in formulas tailored to meet the needs of each country.


  • Long residual control of important weed species
  • Dependable crop safety for crops labeled (Always read and follow label directions.)
  • Easy-to-use formulations



Always read and follow label directions.

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